Bloody Scotland: Irvine Welsh

Yes, THE Irvine Welsh. Is he a crime writer? Well, put it this way, we’re not going to argue with him. But with titles like Crime, The Blade Artist and Filth, with subject matter like drugs, theft, murder, brutal violence and corrupt cops… we think he qualifies in spades.

His latest book, Dead Men’s Trousers, reunites legions of fans with four old friends named Renton, Begbie, Sick Boy and Spud. You may have heard of them from a novel called Trainspotting. The four are lurching from crisis to crisis but one of them will not survive to the end of this book. Which of them is wearing Dead Men’s Trousers?

Irvine will be interviewed by fellow crime writer (we’re sticking with that) and international bestseller Kevin Wignall.

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