Anda Union

AnDa Union play a unique style of Mongolian music. The band all trained in traditional Mongolian music from a young age, and are accomplished singers, moving fluently from hoomai, the guttural throat song, to the clear long notes of ortinduu, long-song. They play many instruments including the morin huur, the maodun chaoer, a three-holed flute, as well as Mongolian versions of the lute, and mouth harp. Mongols have a strong oral tradition that is passed from generation to generation. The morin huur, or horse head fiddle, pays homage to the most important animal in the Mongol culture.

Anda means blood brother or sister in Mongolian and is more important than a sibling because you choose a person to become a life-long Anda. The sight and sound of this band is truly unique and quite extraordinary.  The band are driven by their thirst to share the power and magic of the rich and powerful Mongol traditions and culture, and in the process their performances have been stunning people all over the world.

Anda Union describe themselves as music gatherers, digging deep into Mongol traditions and unearthing bygone music.  They are on a mission to save their culture and re-engage young Mongols and fight for their endangered sacred grasslands.  The relentless advance of the industrial world not only threatens the environment but also their ancient nomadic way of life.

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